Lima Coffee Roasters

  • Tell us a little of your story and how you got started.
- First of all, we both (Diego and I) have literally loved coffee since we were very little. I remember from a young age sneaking to eat my dad’s coffee beans and the sound of his espresso machine steaming milk making me feel at home. Diego has been roasting coffee for over 8 years and I was a Barista as one of my first jobs, then worked in Retail Management for 13 years and we both decided to share our passion for people through our love of coffee. We love how coffee is appreciated in so many different ways around the world and how it brings people together.
Amanda and Diego Lima 
  • What does community mean to you?
Community means everything to us!  We love the community around coffee and how coffee creates community!

  • Tell us a little about your process from the first taste to getting it in the bag.
With Diego’s culinary background, taste means everything. When selecting beans from different origins, his ultimate goal is to bring out the natural nuances that the farmer was envisioning.
Lima Coffee Roasters
  • What are some different kinds of coffee experiences (or places) you draw inspiration from?
We honestly draw inspiration from everywhere locally and internationally. That’s the amazing thing about coffee is from a simple bean, someone can create unlimited possibilities of drinks and culture around it. 
  • What do you look for when sourcing coffee?
When sourcing coffee, we make sure that it comes from a farm that is ethical as well as sustainable as they can. We are working on having direct trade for all of our coffees in the future as we think that it is vital to have relationships with our farmers. 
  • What inspires you to add new menu items / flavors?
We love looking at what other people are doing with coffee in other cultures. We are always intrigued by how flavors are used traditionally or non traditionally to create a vast range of beverages with coffee. 
Lima Coffee Cup
  • What is your favorite part about being in the coffee industry?
Our favorite part about being in the coffee industry is getting to see people brought together through coffee. Even if they don’t like coffee the same way, it is something that connects us. We love getting to meet people, learning about their journey and being a part of it as well. 
  • Has this past year taught you anything you would like to share?
Yes! This past year we decided to open our coffee bar in July 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. We were defiantly nervous doing so but felt that we should press on. We learned that if you are passionate about something, don’t give up. We are absolutely grateful for our community as we wouldn’t be able to survive without it!

You can learn more about Lima Coffee Roasters and the causes they support by visiting their website at and make sure to visit them in person at their coffee bar in Fort Collins.

Inside Foothills at Center Court 
215 E. Foothills Pkwy 1A
Fort Collins, CO